“Let me guide you on a Unique Journey to

Confidence, Clarity and Inner Peace”

– Clare Downham

Transformational Coach and Hypnotherapist

If this is you, you are in the right place!

Are you tired of always searching for inner peace?

Do you feel like you have been on that self-development hamster wheel forever?

Have you already tried too many routes to wellbeing to count?

Are you sick of feeling like a never-ending project?

Do you continually feel like there is always some part of you that is not quite right?

Book a discovery session to take your first steps to confidence, clarity and inner peace (available in person and on zoom)

No matter whether you are experiencing anxiety, stress, fear, depression

or would like to change your relationship with food:

The powerful approaches I use will help you:

Permanently step of the self-development hamster wheel.

Connect to a deep sense of your own wellbeing.

Be able to drop the need to fix yourself.

Feel settled and happy with who you are.

Gain a deep connection to who you really are.

And finally gain the confidence, clarity and inner peace you have been searching for

Client Success

  • review rating 5  I have just spent an hour with the lovely Clare and have taken away some invaluable lessons. Clare is a very calming lady who listens and gives you the confidence to look at things from a refreshing angle. Thank you Clare.

    thumb Michelle Bertucci
  • review rating 5  I’ve had both coaching and hypnotherapy with Clare and have to say the experience was second to none. Clare was able to help me to identify and overcome some blocks that has been holding me back for a long time. Her soft manner and creative way of questioning made me feel as though she had a real interest in understanding where I was coming from and wanted to help.I’d 💯 recommend Clare without hesitation.

    thumb Charlotte Mather
  • review rating 5  I know of no other practitioners who offer a free hour of their time, and I have met many in my life. I found Clare very willing to listen, without interruption or comment. She radiates compassion and interest and I found this hour to be invaluable, as with her guidance I was able to resolve aspects of my life which had previously seemed very confused and dispiriting. I would heartily recommend her without reservation. Many, many thanks Clare.

    thumb Pauline Day
  • review rating 5  Being an ex teacher is what drew me to Clare, having someone who I knew would properly understand my work / life balance issues. Her services have been invaluable and I continue to use them as needed. I would highly recommend to anyone within my profession.

    thumb emjayrichardson
  • review rating 5  Insightful, sensitive and engaged are the keys to Clare's talents - my time with her has been transformational. Clare unpicked my thought patterns in clear and imaginative terms I was able to immediately grasp and enabled me to move forward with confidence using the strategies she demonstrated. I am delighted to write this review and would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to work with her.

    thumb Joan Maclean Glen

More Client Successes

I am very proud of each and every one of my clients’ successes. I love to celebrate them all.  Read on for more inspirational success stories.

Download my ebook to start your journey to Confidence, Clarity and Inner Peace

What you will learn:

You are living in a thought created reality

Thoughts are random

How thoughts become problematic

You are not the label you wear

Let go of control

You do not need fixing

You have innate wellbeing

If it’s not in the present, it is in your imagination

Connecting to your intuition

Be okay with not being okay

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Sessions are now available in person (in Leeds) or via zoom

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