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Animals do not experience stress in the same way as us humans. Here’s a little bit about why and how you can be less stressed like animals. Imagine the scene … It’s the African Savanna and the gazelle is minding its own business, eating the grass. Then there is a rustle in the grass and the gazelle smells fear. Inside the gazelle, the flight or fight systems are kicking into gear. A lion is nearby.
We all know that habit creation can be tricky. I am sure you have tried lots of times to establish new ones and never got to the habit stage. Whether it is eating better, exercising more or writing every day, these top tips to change a habit will help. Why we need good habits Having a set of positive habits in your life makes a huge difference in your health and happiness. The simple reason
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The Importance of Habits I think we are all aware of how important habits can be in maintaining our physical health. We all know that some habits, like smoking, drinking alcohol every day and eating takeaways for every meal, can be detrimental. We also have some physical habits which most of us would not be without like brushing our teeth and taking a shower. Many of us spend a lot of time trying to increase
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Slim Habits is an amazing and unique course containing 11 hypnotherapy tracks and lots of educational content to help you change your eating habits so you can attain and maintain your ideal weight, shape and size easily and naturally. You can give it a try and get the first month free by using the code shfreemonth See you inside!
Creating a Motivated Workforce
If you want to create a motivated workforce, using gratitude is powerful. Focusing on gratitude can also decrease stress, increase happiness and reduce illness. This is not woo-woo but science-backed information which has been well researched by Robert A. Emmons who you can read about here.  Now you understand how important gratitude in the workplace is, here are my top tips to create a motivated workforce using gratitude. Lead from the Top  Like any effective business
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