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Clare Downham – “Your Wellbeing Guide”

Are you ready to hear, ‘The Truth About Stress and Anxiety’?

Appearing to be living a wonderful life and having a great career, Clare Downham progressed rapidly through the primary school leadership ranks to attain her first headship at the age of 39 and her second just 4 years later. But the pressure of ‘doing too much’ both personally and professionally coupled with excessive overthinking and worrying, eventually took its toll. When Clare suffered adrenal burn-out in March 2015, she was utterly rung out both emotionally and physically.

A year after burning out, Clare resigned from her 20-year career in education and after receiving a fluke email, retrained as a hypnotherapist. You might have thought that was the happy ending to the story but there is more.

During and after recovery, Clare became virtually obsessed with trying to fix herself. Trying to overcome every little thing she thought was wrong with her. She immersed herself in self-development, therapy, reading and learning in an attempt to ‘fix’ herself. But even after everything she tried, she never felt like she was quite finished, making change after change that was short lived and never feeling quite good enough.

Clare says, ‘It began to feel like a ‘self-development hamster wheel’.’ I wonder if you can relate.

But in January 2020, Clare came across a simple understanding, which quickly allowed all the things she thought needed fixing to fall away. She finally felt CONFIDENCE, CLARITY and INNER PEACE like she had never experienced. As a result of this understanding Clare finally got off that self-development hamster wheel and now, she wants to guide her audience to do the same.

As Clare shares her story and the truth of how human experience is created you will gain key take-aways which will help you realise that the key to inner peace is not to manage stress and anxiety but learn the truth about it. Clare calls herself ‘Your Wellbeing Guide’ because that is how she sees her role. You are the hero of your own journey to inner peace and she is your guide.

When an audience hears Clare speak, that have an opportunity to hear a great story, laugh, reflect, and take away a whole new understanding of how their experience is being created. An understanding so simple that it will allow them to take a whole lot off their minds.


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