Only 11% of people in the UK always get enough sleep! That probably means that you are part of the 52% of people who sometimes get enough sleep or the 37% who never get enough sleep.


In the short term, lack of sleep affects your ability to function in many different ways:


  • Reduced ability to concentrate

  • Decreased ability to manage pressure

  • Increased appetite (for carb laden foods)

  • More likely to have an accident


In the long-term, the effects are much more serious and include:


  • Increased chance of developing diabetes

  • More likely to have a heart disease

  • Bigger chance of becoming overweight

  • Much higher chance of becoming depressed


Whether you have trouble dropping off or end up waking with a racing mind in the middle of the night, I can help. Using hypnotherapy and my extensive knowledge about how to get the best night’s sleep I will help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed every day.


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Hypnotherapy is highly effective however, results may vary and success is not guaranteed.  It is important to understand that full client commitment is vital to achieve the best results.