Introducing ‘Slim Habits’ my Unique Weight Loss Program

Created to help you change your eating habits so you can attain and maintain your ideal weight, shape and size easily and naturally.

Available in-person in Leeds, UK

OR via video call across the globe via zoom

I have worked with many clients to help them lose weight. I have also read and studied extensively around this issue and have come to the conclusion that it is our habits which are making us weigh more than we would like.

It’s not the odd cake or occasional episode of eating until we are stuffed which has caused the problem. It is what we repeatedly do, day in and day out which means that we cannot lose weight and attain and maintain our ideal weight, shape and size.

I have seen Slim Habits make a difference to the client’s eating habits from the first session because hypnotherapy and the other tools I use have a powerful ability to change habits permanently. In addition, Slim Habits gives your motivation a boost so you can get moving more and get fit and healthy faster.

Slim Habits is not a means to lose weight fast as that is the perfect way to put it back on twice as fast. Slim Habits involves you making a long-term commitment to change your habits, change your life and attain and maintain you ideal weight easily and naturally.

Because Slim Habits is a bespoke program the best place to start is with a complimentary discovery session.

Download my ebook to start your journey to Confidence, Clarity and Inner Peace

What you will learn:

You are living in a thought created reality

Thoughts are random

How thoughts become problematic

You are not the label you wear

Let go of control

You do not need fixing

You have innate wellbeing

If it’s not in the present, it is in your imagination

Connecting to your intuition

Be okay with not being okay

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Sessions are now available in person (in Leeds) or via zoom

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