A UK-wide stress survey has found that almost three quarters of adults (74%) have at some point over the past year felt so stressed they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope…

The study is believed to be the largest and most comprehensive stress survey ever carried out across the UK with 4,619 people surveyed. This is not only a personal problem for many but is having a massive impact on the health of the country.


You do not have to be part of that statistic. By having some sessions of hypnotherapy and learning some useful tools, you can manage stress better and be happier and more relaxed each day.

Part of the cause of stress is that many of us find the pace of life does not leave enough time or space to truly relax. This is where deep relaxation hypnotherapy sessions can be invaluable. I can help you get rid of all that built-up pressure and enable you to learn how to take greater care of yourself through deep relaxation. The process allows the mind to follow your physical body into a peaceful state leaving you with a wonderful sense of lightness that lingers for hours and sometimes even days. Over time you regain the ability to just let go and discard the stress and tension of the day and week.

There are many potential benefits to reducing stress which include a better functioning immune system, relief from stress–related ailments like headaches, backache and migraine, lower blood pressure and a reduction in the emotional stress that can trigger asthma attacks.

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Hypnotherapy is highly effective however, results may vary and success is not guaranteed.  It is important to understand that full client commitment is vital to achieve the best results.

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